Extensive Prototyping Capabilities

When you team up with Sharp Design Solutions & Prototyping LLC, you will have a wide array of prototyping solutions available to fulfill your needs.  See the photos below for some actual examples of work performed with in-house equipment.

Hi-resolution 3D printing.
CNC Milling
CNC Routing
Large Format 3D Printing
Up to 11.7X11.7X15.7
Assembly and Testing

CNC Milled from Billet 6061-T6 Aluminum

Pushing Boundaries

Seemingly simple at first glance, this twist on a classic "Turners Cube" challenges the limit of design and machining. With webbing between the corners of approximately .020" thick, and an overall size of only 1.25" this delicate part requires a light touch to pull off! 


 Custom 3D printer fan nozzel with led so even the smallest detail is noticed.

Shedding Light on Innovation

Why not add some clairty to the workflow?  Attention to detail is what you need to give your product that wow factor.  

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